Days of Renewal

Find practical tools and fresh vision for a prayer-and-Word-powered ministry.

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Every genuine minister wants to be more equipped in the work of ministry. However, we can far too easily turn to methods that directly undermine the nature of this spiritual work. After following Jesus and observing his life, the disciples understood the real source of His ministry. This is why their only request in ministry equipping was simply, “Lord, teach us to pray”
(Luke 11:1).

The Day of Renewal Regional Events are designed to inspire and equip you in building a supernaturally empowered ministry. This is a great opportunity for your entire leadership team to find practical tools and a fresh vision for a ministry powered by prayer.

 All our Day of Renewal events feature local churches and pastors that have seen exceptional growth and impact in the area of prayer.  Contrary to some conferences, you will hear from local church pastors who are modeling what they are teaching, and will give you practical insight to help you succeed in your ministry context.

We are excited to parter with local Pastors Troy Keaton, H.B. Charles, Robbie Symons, Al Toledo, Jeff Wells, Aaron Couch, and Jeremy Morton who will host these events. This experience will also conclude with the weekly church-wide prayer meting from each location, providing you with first hand experience of what a vibrant culture of prayer could look like in your setting.

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Days of Renewal sponsored by
The 6:4 Fellowship

Day of Renewal Schedule

8:00AM – Open Registration

9:00AM – Worship & First Session 


10:30AM – Worship & Second Session  


1:00PM – Workshops   

2:00PM – Third Session

3:00PM – Free Time & Dinner (on your own)

6:00PM – Church Prayer Night
(open to the entire church)


(includes all sessions as well as lunch)

Upcoming Locations:

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