“For the health, hope, and Spirit-empowerment of the pastoral ministry.”

The Praying Leader

Lead transformation in your church by developing a culture of prayer.

The Praying Leader Coaching Experience will give you a biblical pathway to spiritual leadership that empowers you and your people for greater gospel ministry.

Ministry Marriage Mentoring

We all know that ministry couples and their children are at risk. The statistics tell us that far too many pastors are leaving the ministry each year – many times due to issues correlating to their marriage. Misaligned priorities, unreasonable expectations, lack of counsel and help leads to a devastating ending of both ministry and marriage. These are some of the reasons The 6:4 Fellowship offers Ministry Marriage Mentoring.

The Power of Yes

This two part interactive coaching, hosted by a 6:4 Regional Leader,  will devote one session to each of the pastors key directives:  prayer and the ministry of the word as laid out in Acts 6:4.