The Praying Leader

Leading transformation in your church by developing a culture of prayer.

The Praying Leader Coaching Experience will give you a biblical pathway to spiritual leadership that empowers you and your people for greater gospel ministry.


Our tenured pastors lead our coaching experiences with options to meet your busy schedule and equip you and your ministry by virtual online coaching, self-pace e-course training study, and refreshing coaching retreats.

Topics of teaching include:

Session 1: A Prayer Culture is Not a Prayer Program

Session 2: A Prayer Culture Always Emanates from the Center of Church Leadership

Session 3: A Prayer Culture is Fueled by Experience, Not Explanation

Session 4: A Prayer Culture is Rooted in Clarity and Conviction About Community

Session 5: A Prayer Culture is Sustained by the Right Motive

Session 6: A Prayer Culture is a Key to Supernatural Mission Achievement

Session 7: A Prayer Culture is More a Crockpot than a Microwave