A ministry of Strategic Renewal

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While we all pray for the fruits of revival,
The 6:4 Fellowship endeavors to cultivate
the roots of this vital hope in the local church.


A pastor-led biblically-based, international, multi-denominational network of pastors.

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The 6:4 Fellowship exists to catalyze pastors, around the world, to Prayer-and-Word-Powered Ministry through an urgent call to the hope of a spiritual awakening, and helping them to experience a life-changing rhythm of deeper conviction, rich community, and growing capacity for Spirit-empowered ministry.

Our vision is rooted in the biblical paradigm of ministry seen in Acts 6:1-7. We long to see pastors and churches served with the encouragement and equipment necessary to catalyze Acts 6:3 disciples through Acts 6:4 leaders in the hope of an Acts 6:7 awakening.

We call it a divine pattern: 6:3 + 6:4 = 6:7

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The 6:4 Fellowship seeks to help pastors experience more health and hope through prayer-and-Word-powered paths!

Conviction – 6:4 models and trains others in Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship based prayer through which many have embraced fresh and lasting conviction about the priority of Acts 6:4 leadership aiming for an Acts 6:7 outcome.

Community – Our strategy facilitates a rich and authentic engagement with a diverse community of like-minded. multi-denominational, pastors committed to the same vital biblical principles.

Capacity – The 6:4 Fellowship, seeks to build a growing capacity in every pastor’s prayer-and-Word-powered leadership.

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“When pastors begin to pray for one another through a fellowship of encouragement, lifting one another up, and when pastors pray with their churches, everything is going to change.”

Pastor Jim Cymbala

The Brooklyn Tabernacle

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We Bring the Tools, God Brings the Power

Relevant resources, coaching, and events accompanying an urgent call to prayer-and-Word-powered leadership.


The Unique Impact of The 6:4 Fellowship

Hear, first hand, of the signifcance The 6:4 Fellowship is having on pastors just like you!

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Headshot of John MaCarthur

“This is the most impactful influence today
 on the church regarding prayer. We
desperately need this.”

Pastor John MacArthur

Grace Community Church

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The 6:4 Fellowship is a pastor-led, biblically-based, international and multi-denominational network of pastors rooted in the biblical paradigm of ministry seen in Acts 6:1-7. We like to say, we are every pastor’s second most important network, because we focus on every pastor’s most important priority.

Not a Pastor? Click HERE, to discover your role in the renewal of the church. The 6:3 Discipleship.com