Regional RECLAIM Gatherings

Regional Connection and Prayer for 6:4 Pastors

Pushpins with string connecting them.

Is it time to refuel?

Do you need to refresh, or recharge, your passion for ministry and fellowship with like-minded pastors in your area?

The RECLAIM regional gatherings are designed to reconnect (or connect for the first time) the pastors in each region for a time of equipping, edifying, and prayer, as a strategic cadre united in purpose. This is a great opportunity to refuel and invigorate your passion for your ministry committed to prayer and the ministry of the Word.

The enemy doesn’t have to destroy you, 
he only needs to distract you.

Join us to discover clearer focus, experience deeper fulfillment, authentic fellowship, and pursue lasting fruitfulness. RECLAIM is a four hour gathering of pastors in your region intended to galvanize your ministry. Each RECLAIM gathering will be led by its Regional Director, along with the National Director of The 6:4 Fellowship, Dennis Henderson. It will include invigorating training, mutual ministry, lunch, as well as Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer. Find a location, in your area, below.

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Regional RECLAIM Gatherings

January 9 – Bellingham, WA
January 10 – Bellevue, WA
March 22 – Norwalk, IA
March 28 – Eden Prairie, MN
May 22 – Clearwater, FL
May 23 – Atlanta, GA
June 8 – Williamsville, NY
June 9 – Queens Village, NYC
June 13 – Schuamburg, IL
June 14 – Woodland, MI

June 15 – Huntington, IN
June 16 – Columbus, OH
August 15 – Lago Vista, TX
August 22 – Arkansas
August 22 – Parker, CO
August 23 – Phoenix, AZ
August 24 – Rio Rancho, NM
August 29 – Oklahoma City, OK
August 29 – Minneapolis, MN


10:00am – 1:30pm (local time)

*Free Event 
*Lunch provided by The 6:4 Fellowship

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