In Their Own Words

The following clips are select video features referenced in Daniel Henderson’s book, Old Paths, New Power: Awakening Your Church Through Prayer and the Ministry of the Word.

Chapter 1 | Current Drift—Future Shift

The State of the Pastorate

Alistair Begg

On Pastoring in the 21st Century

HB London

Chapter 2 | An Urgent “Leadership” Renovation

Prayerless Leadership

Keeney Dickenson

Ministry as the Overflow of Intimacy

Trey Kent

Chapter 3 | Vision: Received or Achieved?

The Secret of Real Impact

Bill Elliff

Intimacy vs Success

Mike Mitchener

Chapter 4 | Overcoming Weapons of Mass Distraction

Keys to Staying Healthy

Lance Witt

Reclaiming Our Pastoral Responsibility

John MacArthur

Rhythms for Spiritual Health

Jim Leggett

Chapter 5 | Finding the Conviction to Make a Change

Enduring Pastoral Leadership in Prayer

Khan Huynh

Pastoring a Prayerless Church

Richard Owen Roberts

Chapter 6 | Leading a Powerful Culture of Prayer

New Ministry Paradigms Through Prayer

Woody Torrence and Mike Moran

Leading Prayer Gatherings

Jeff Wells

Steady Leadership in Prayer

Mark Vroegop

Chapter 7 | How to Lead Life-Giving Prayer Experiences

All Prayers Are Not Created Equal

Dennis Fuqua

Learning to Lead in Corporate Prayer

Cliff Boone

Chapter 8 | A New Movement of Praying Churches

Pastors Praying Together

Tim Hawks

Passion for Praying with Other Pastors

Gbolahan Faluade

Chapter 9 | Preaching with Understanding, Unction, and Utterance

The Power of Memorizing the Text

Brian Lorrits

Biblical-Preparation vs. Spirit-Led Delivery

Jeff Schwarzentraub

Expositional Preaching

Mark Vroegop

Chapter 10 | Men to Match the Message

The Priority of Prayer and Transparency

Keeney Dickenson

The Word as Hammer, Fire and Sword

Richard Owen Roberts

Chapter 11 | “God Is Truly Among You”

Obeying Holy Spirit Promptings

Jim Cymbala

The Role of Holy Spirit in Preaching

Francis Chan

Chapter 12 | A New Unleashing of Missional Agents

The Role of Prayer in Evangelism

Maurice Hollingsworth

The Need for Intercession

Malachi O’Brien

Embracing the Mission In Times of Crisis (Part 1)

Troy Keaton

Embracing the Mission In Times of Crisis (Part 2)​

Troy Keaton

Chapter 13 | 100,00 Points of Light

Revival and Responsibility

John Franklin

Revival Among a New Generation

Jason Autry