Ministry Marriage Coaching

Building a ministry marriage that endures. 


We all know that ministry couples and their children are at risk. The statistics tell us that far too many pastors are leaving the ministry each year – many times due to issues correlating to their marriage. Misaligned priorities, unreasonable expectations, lack of counsel and help can lead to a devastating ending of both ministry and marriage. These are some of the reasons The 6:4 Fellowship offers Ministry Marriage Coaching.  

Next groups being Fall 2022!

Husband and Wife Holding Each Other

Ministry Marriage Coaching

This mentorship experience will help you identify:

    • Biblical priorities for a thriving marriage
    • Personal patterns and backgrounds that have brought heartache and disappointment in the past
    • Destructive lies that have been accepted into your marriage and ministry
    • Tools to disarm conflict within your marriage
    • Impact of ministry on your children
    • Adjustments that can transform your marriage from just an existence to one of great joy and effectiveness.


These coaching groups will meet online via our ZOOM Meetings platform. The groups are limited to 4 couples to maximize group discussion as well as to maintain a personal and interactive environment.

Each session is approximately 80 minutes.

  • The Schedule for the Next Session is as follows:
  • TBA
  • All sessions will be recorded for future playback in the event of an absence or intentional review.

We really enjoyed it, especially because we had an opportunity to meet other couples in ministry and hear about their struggles and their victories and learn from each other and encourage each other …at the same time all of us couples were receiving from our leaders, being encouraged with good content, having follow-up, and accountability. So, it was it was a blessing to us.

    – Jess Blankenbiller


  • Below is a brief course overview of the 4 main sessions. Your registration fee includes your electronic syllabus, links to the live coaching calls, and supplemental materials/books for the coaching experience. Supplemental materials will be sent both electronically and via mail prior to the first coaching session.

  • Session 1: The call to marriage and ministry
  • Session 2: The endangered marriage
  • Session 3: Correction for the endangered marriage
  • Session 4: Self Care, Children, and Ministry

Your Coaches:

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Dennis & Billie Henderson

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