Randon’s business and investment experience began in 1960. For more than 58 years, he has been involved in three main areas: equities, commodities, and real estate.

He started with stocks at age 12 (which developed to include mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests, etc.) and added futures as an asset class in college. Thereafter, he joined a number of future exchanges in Chicago and New York.

Eventually, he acquired farmland in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Michigan, and built a vertically-integrated real estate organization that was involved in approximately 12 states. Capital sources included individuals and institutions, both private and public.

Randon is also the chairman of Contrarian Investors, LLC, which invests in stocks, commodities and real estate. In 1999, he founded Counsel & Capital (www.counselandcapital.org), a nonprofit organization. Its mission is to build bridges of confidence between Christian ministries and donors. Randon is also the author of Breakthrough – Unleashing the Power of a Proven Plan.

He graduated in 1970 from the University of Michigan with a degree in Business.